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Bramwell Partners is a true partnership. For twenty years Tameka and Wayne have been working together developing their skills in business management. As Brisbane’s workplace compliance professionals, they share a common commitment to helping businesses establish sustainable platforms for growth.

Bramwell Partners - Brisbane's Workplace Compliance Professionals

About Bramwell Partners

Tameka and Wayne began working together in the family transport business. 18 years working in a small business environment ignited their passion to help small to medium family businesses.

They Identified one of the key challenges facing family businesses was the need for systemisation and documentation of the businesses processes that will take them to the next level.


Management and HR

Tameka has now been involved in Quality Management Systems for 20 years. Her focus has been to assist businesses across all industries to document their already established practices and processes. The documentation process enables the business to define how it operates and can provide a repeatable quality service or product.

As a mother of two small children and the general manager for a family owned and run transport business, Tameka obtained her Degree in Management and HR. As the General Manager of the family business she became acutely aware of the challenges affecting small to medium businesses. Tameka is a member of BNI Oasis Brisbane.


Operations and Business

Wayne has over 20 years’ experience in the transport and equipment hire industries, specializing in operations and business management. During this time, he has been involved in writing and implementing new WH&S systems in business and has a vast understanding of Australian standards and legal requirements across the two industries.

Having held senior management positions with full profit and loss responsibility he understands the struggles that businesses have with implementing and maintaining robust WH&S procedures and policies while remaining cost effective and value adding to the business. Wayne’s experience in managing in strong union environments also complements Tameka’s specialisation in the HR field.


Client Support


Human Resources & WHS Consultant


Senior HR Consultant

Together Wayne & Tameka saw that compliance issues for all businesses were ever increasing. Their experiences resulted in their decision to focus
on assisting small to medium family businesses. They have identified their own strengths and developed the service offerings of Bramwell Partners
around these. As Brisbane’s workplace compliance professionals, they are commited to providing services to businesses that not only add value, but are within the budgetary restraints of those business.

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Small business ownership can be difficult and lonely. At Bramwell Partners we offer our clients expert advice in a timely and efficient manner that helps then resolve issues and leverage opportunities when they arise. Contact us now to get your answers!

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