What is ISO9001

What is ISO9001? ISO9001 is a quality management standard in the ISO 9000 family of popular standards maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. Continue reading to learn what is ISO9001, or if you are thinking about implementing ISO9001 in your business or organisation, click here for our ISO9001 training service. Call us on [...]

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What is a Quality Management System

At the end of each financial year, many businesses with ISO certification look for ways to cut costs and increase profit margins. This inevitably means that businesses look into their Quality Management Systems (QMS), Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and Integrated Management Systems (IMS) and look to ascertain if these systems are providing value to [...]

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Social Media Use in the Workplace

Social Media Use in the Workplace Many companies struggle with maintaining a fine balance with social media use in the workplace, as implementing a complete ban can be difficult given employees’ access to phones and computers. Similarly, a social media policy that is too lax can end up resulting in a loss of productivity, [...]

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Managing Workplace Bullying and Discrimination

Managing Workplace Bullying and DiscriminationWhen it comes to team morale, there’s nothing that creates a hostile work environment more than workplace bullying and discrimination. Given that it can present itself in so many ways, it can be difficult for an employer to not only recognise the signs of a distressed employee but also find ways [...]

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What is ISO 9001?

What is ISO 9001? Bramwell Partners: Your Quality Management System Consultants For 26 years I have been working in Quality Management Systems. My introduction to quality began when, whilst pregnant with Connor, my father asked me to go to a “QA” meeting for his transport company. Dad wasn’t overly interested in QA but had been [...]

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HR Myths & Misconceptions in the Human Resource Industry

HR Myths & Misconceptions in the Human Resource Industry When people ask why I choose human resource management as an occupation, I generally give this reason: I enjoy figuring out solutions that make working in the workplace better. However, in my experience, the HR industry has received a bit of a bad rep as many [...]

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HR Challenges in Startups and the Evolution of Growth

Startups evolve and go through different stages to finally arrive at the stage of a large enterprise. In this article, you will discover HR challenges in startups in addition to highlighting HR strategies for startups and commons mistakes to avoid. Australia’s own unicorns (a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion) too were [...]

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