Are you:

  • Worried about fines?
  • Are you concerned about penalty notices, prohibition orders or site closures?
  • Do you have concerns around the day to day risks towards the business associated with safety?
  • Are you losing projects, tenders or work because you lack a workplace safety management system?

Let us show you how to minimise the impact of workplace safety issues on your business, call us on (07) 3630 5695 or contact us online to speak with our work health and safety consultants about your workplace safety management needs.

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Through WHS consulting, we support management, development and implementation of processes that will build a work safety culture within your organisation:

  • A good work safety culture will make safety compliance much easier to achieve. You can’t have one without the other.
  • Safety compliance without a good safety culture is just hard work. We will show you how to make it easy.

As experienced workplace safety management experts, our work health and safety consultants can help you with the development of a safety management system that will create a foundation for a safety-conscious work culture in your business.

The responsibility for companies to provide a safe working environment for their employees has never been greater. The boundaries have further been broken down to include responsibility for ensuring that suppliers and subcontractors acting on your behalf have compliant WHS policies and procedures of their own and that they act within your policies and procedures and the policies and procedures of your clients. Call Bramwell Partners on (07) 3630 5695 or contact us online to speak with our WHS consulting experts about your workplace safety management needs.

Workplace Safety Management Plan Development

Small businesses may not have the financial resources to employ a person with specific responsibility for workplace safety management. That’s where we come in. We are the workplace health and safety consultants you can depend on. We are:

  • Proactive – We focus across all levels of your business, including team meetings, toolbox meetings, and safety workshops to ensure that all aspects of your organisation’s day-to-day running are carried out in a work safety conscious manner.

  • Aware – Our workplace safety management plans improve the understanding of work health and safety-related responsibilities and expectation across your organisation.

  • Experienced – We know what is required to help you take your first steps to create a safe working environment thanks to our extensive involvement with Contractor Management Portal.

WHS Consulting Serssion

We can monitor and maintain your ongoing workplace compliance for each platform, ensuring that there are no site or payment delays due to either access approval issues or out of date information. Get in touch with us online or call today to chat with our work health and safety consultants.

We have extensive experience in the management of a wide range of Contractor Management Portals such as SASSI, Rapid Global, CM3, Pulse Connect. We know the requirements your organisation has to meet to become prequalified or certified for these platforms. Call our WHS consulting specialists on (07) 3630 5695 to get started today.

Workplace Safety Management Basics – Basic Workplace Health & Safety Documents

A number of documents are required for thorough workplace health and safety management to take place. Our WHS consultants can assist you with creating and filling out these documents.

Safe Work Method Statements (or SWMS) are designed to specify the appropriate tasks/steps and hazards associated with a job. This document identifies the tools required for the job, the appropriate PPE, and the persons who will be using the document.

Job Site Audits (or Job Safety Analysis) are documents that need to be completed before the job starts each day to identify the hazards of the job and note any changes in the environment if the job takes longer than a day.

Safe Work Procedures (or SWP) are designed to specify the appropriate operating steps and hazards associated with the use of a specific tool/equipment.

This register highlights to staff and emergency personnel which products used are hazardous/dangerous and how to best treat affected persons.

This register identifies what equipment has been tested and tagged and is safe to use on-site. It also identifies when the Test & Tag is due.

This form is usually filled out by the staff and helps management with any previously unidentified hazards. This form also needs to be filled in whenever an incident or near-miss occurs in the workplace.


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Note: As of 2011, The term Occupational Health & Safety has been changed to Workplace Health and Safety (apart from Western Australia & Victoria). It was changed in an attempt to harmonize the legislation around workplace safety for the entire of Australia.